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Work with me and you will find:

  • Knowledgeable, unbiased advice for selecting the safest and most effective programs because we constantly evaluate and visit options nationwide
  • Clarity and perspective when faced with making important and difficult decisions through supporting the families in an ongoing and consistent manner
  • Programs meeting individual needs and abilities of each student and their families which leads to long term success
  • Compassion and support to families throughout the treatment process through availability in recognizing that there is a great deal of grief and sorrow associated with the process
  • A team player and resource for educators, counselors, psychologists and professionals through maintaining ties to home supports during the placement and transition home
  • An independent, unaffiliated, cost-effective solution working directly for the family and never accepting compensation for referrals from any outside source.

Working with families for over twenty years, Marla Simon is committed to helping families weigh options and determine the most appropriate solutions.


- masterís degree in social work (MSSA)

- Certified Educational Planner (CEP)

-professional member of the Independent Association of Educational Consultants (IECA) and other disability related organizations

-trained in the Systemic Family Intervention Model in addiction treatment

-Certified Family Coach

Marla Simon's training and experience allows her to interpret psychological testing - identify children with special needs, counsel parents, interact with teachers and mental health professionals with unique perspective.

Please be very cautious about finding help yourself on the internet. There are many deceptive marketing practices being used today. Many schools are desperate to enroll students at any cost. They will tell you they can help yet you will have no idea what type of situation you are entering your child into.†

Marla's experience includes extensive work with families of children challenged with attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities and pervasive developmental disorders. Family counseling, social skills training, and parent education and advocacy are among the services she provides to clients. Marla has successfully facilitated the Family Advocacy Network Support System's Support Group for Families and founded the Family Resource Center at University Hospitals/Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. Ms. Simon is also past president of the Cleveland Council of Independent Schools parent group, PACT. She regularly attends national conferences and continuing education courses in her field.

Marla Simon MSSA LSW CEP offers her skills, knowledge and compassion to clients during the search for the best environment for your child. She is dedicated to finding the right fit.

Evaluating services such as --

  • Staffing: professional and support
  • Accreditation and Licensure
  • Therapeutic Model both for the client and the family
  • Educational Models - independent learning vs. classroom
  • Medical Care - ease of services - medication management
  • Program Size and Gender
  • Tuition and Fees