Credit for housewife

A housewife defines herself by taking care of the household and children. That’s her main profession, and if she’s working, then at the most, to earn something.

While in the past many women saw their vocation in looking after the household and the children, the real housewife is seldom today, because most women and mothers are so emancipated that they want to earn their own living and work.

The term housewife credit comes from ancient times


And refers to a consumer loan, with which the housewife could finance a new washing machine, a refrigerator or other household appliances. However, neither at that time nor today does the bank give it out to a homemaker unless they are offered other collateral.

As a rule, the housewife gets credit only if the working partner vouches for his income and signs the contract. That is, without the consent of the spouse, a housewife without income at any bank will get a loan.

If a housewife wants to take credit, she must ask either her husband or relatives or friends if they are willing to take a guarantee, but she will not get a loan.

Receive credit by mail order


When it comes to the purchase of consumer goods, the modern housewife, who now also has a PC and an Internet connection, naturally also had the opportunity to take out a credit by mail order.

Mail order companies check, if they finance an order with a credit, the Schufa of the orderer, but not the income conditions.

In the mail order business

In the mail order business

The housewife has the best chance to get a credit for consumer goods, without having to prove an income. The mail-order company does not pay cash when lending, but delivers goods that remain the property of the dealer until full payment.

The risk is minimal, and if a housewife does not pay, the bailiff quickly stands in front of the door and ensures the goods.