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Educational Options

Comprehensive Educational and Therapeutic Placement and Referral Service

Marla Simon

Certified Educational Planner
Case Manager

In a time of crisis, when you are searching for the right academic and/or therapeutic solution for your troubled child, teen or young adult, Educational Options offers the experience, compassion and support to guide families every step of the way. Referrals are also available for adults.

The early identification and treatment of emotional and academic problems are very important, before they develop into serious psychiatric disturbances or learning disabilities. A number of symptoms are often the first signs of trouble and must be recognized early. Stop the cycle of failure and learn new way of coping for a better future.

You are making an emotional and financial investment to ensure the well-being of your entire family, and your decision should be made with knowledge and care. An impulsive or improper decision can lead to extensive emotional and financial setbacks.

Specializing in Educational and Therapeutic Placement or Intervention for Adolescents, Young Adults and Adults

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